Our Web Design and Software Milestones Approach - Kenya

Depending on the nature of your project, we always want to share with you milestones and payment plans for each milestone. This is just an example to help you think it further.

Milestone I - 5-10 working days

a. Details requirement analysis.

b. SRS document creation.

c. Site pages design

d. Database design


Milestone II - 10-15 working days

a. Portal section programming

b. Post work and content posts

c. Review offers

d. Other functional features

e. Modules and Dashboards

f. Filter and search functionalities 


a. Admin section programming

b. Users management

c. Other Dashboards management

c. Payment reporting


Milestone III 15 working & intergrationsdays

a. Section programming

b. Section Integration

b. Payment Integration

c. Other Intergrations


Milestone IV 10-15 working days - Reporting and Dashboards

a. Stats and Dashboard Reports

b. UTA

b. Bug fixes

c. Optimizations for SEO


Milestone V 10-15 working days - Handover & Training

a. Launch

b. Handover

c. Training

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