Web Design Cost in Kenya - Website Prices and Rates in Kenya

Since 2010 and now 10 years - our websites have always remained the talk in town in Kenya. Websites built by Oracom are always very successful since we put attention to website performance more than anything else. Our huge portfolio tells the whole story.


Many people always want to know the cost of building a website. This is always a tricky question because websites do not have static prices. Each website is unique in its own way. We have assembled some key price ranges that can help you budget and plan. The following are price estimates and experts are always on the chat to quickly help you plan your dream website.


Individual / Corporates Websites

  1. 1 pager Landing page - Kshs. 5,000 (a static one-page portfolio)
  2. 1 pager Branding - Kshs. 15,000 (one-pager but with many website sections which scrolls the same page when the menu is clicked)
  3. 1-5 pages - Kshs. 20,000 (also called a portfolio website)
  4. 5-10 pages - Kshs. 35,000
  5. 10-20 pages - Kshs. 50,000 
  6. 20-30 pages - Kshs. 80,000
  7. 30-50 pages - Kshs. 120,000
  8. Unlimited pages - Kshs 240,000
  9. Custom Designs - Over Kshs. 200k


Ecommerce / Online Shopping

  • Simple (1-30 pages/products) - Kshs. 25,000 (no advance product variations eg colour, attributes etc)
  • Simple (1-30 pages/products) - Kshs. 50,000 (basic product variations eg colour, attributes etc)
  • Advance (30-60 pages/products) - Kshs. 90,000 (advance product variations eg colour, attributes etc)
  • VIP (Unlimted pages/ products) - Kshs. 180,000 (advance product variations eg colour, attributes etc)
  • Multivendor Basic - Kshs. 90,000
  • Multivendor Pro - Kshs. 180,000
  • Ecommerce end to end Portal - over Kshs. 250k
  • Custom Ecommerce - Over 250k


Ecommerce Payment Integrations

  • Pesapal / IPAY (Wordpress, magento etc) - FREE
  • Mpesa Paybil Payment Integration: From Kshs. 30,000 (one off or Kshs. 5,000 per year)
  • Ipay Payment Integration (custom) : From Kshs. 20,000
  • SMS Integration: From Kshs. 15,000
  • Delivery Integration: From Kshs. 35,000


Freelance Writing Script

  1. Script Only + Implementation - Kshs. 50,000 
  2. Basic (Admin / Customer/Admin) - Kshs. 90,000 (wordpress + website)
  • Basic (Admin / Customer/Admin) - Kshs. 150,000 (custom + website)
  • Custom websites - Kshs. over 300,000


All websites come with, social media, good and modern looking design, interactive, forms, etc.


We would like to guide you through the whole process, write us an email on business@oracom.co.ke or developer@oracom.co.ke and we will share a document / a client web design questionnaire that will not only open your thinking but also make this process easy for you. You can also chat with us on the bottom right of this page.


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