Creatives, Graphic Design and Printing Prices in Kenya


Graphic design

i) Small designs 

(business cards, letterheads, email signatures) 2000

ii) Medium size designs.

(posters, flyers, social media banners, brochures) 2500 per page

iii) Large format designs

(Rollup banners, street banners, backdrops, tear drops etc.) 3500

iv) Company profiles and booklets.

Up to 12 pages 10 000 (1000 per extra page)

v) Logo design.

Basic typography logo – 3500

Basic iconic logo – 5000

complex logo - 10000




i) Business cards

plain 100 copies + @10/=

laminated 100 copies + @12/=

special paper from 15/= 

ii) Roll up banners

Broad base single side   @9,000

Broad base double sided @16,000

Narrow base single side  @6,000

iii) Street Banners 650 per sqm

iv) Letterheads

Normal Paper15/=

Conqueror  25/=

v) Others

A3 glossy art paper from 45/=

A4 glossy art paper from 25/=

A5 glossy art paper from 20/=


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